5th Annual System Dynamics Competition Training Workshop (Basics)

The South Africa System Dynamics Chapter (SASDC) aims to encourage system dynamics skills development, learning, and international collaboration so that complex global issues can be better understood and managed through suitable strategic plans. The SASDC is running the 5th Annual System Dynamics Competition, open to the global system dynamics fraternity on the 30th March 2022!!!  What’s more is that this Challenge is FREE to enter, with fantastic sponsored prizes to win!!

If you are new to the field, this is a great opportunity to use and further develop your valuable system dynamics skillset! If you are already a well-seasoned system dynamics modeler, you can still showcase your skills by tackling, what will be a real world challenge. As system dynamists we look forward to listening and learning from the insights gained through tackling this challenge head on, thus enriching future growth and stimulation in the field of system dynamics.

The top rated submissions, will be presenting their work to the country’s system dynamics network at the anticipated 10th South African System Dynamics Conference on the 18th November 2022, where the winner will be announced.


Have access to a computer that can install system dynamics modelling software (e.g. Stella/Vensim/equivalent).

Entry can be individual or a team not exceeding 2 people.

The documented feedback with the model submission should be less than 10 pages.

This year you can register into one of three categories:

Beginner:           1-18 months experience

Intermediate:   18-60 months experience

Experienced:     More than 5 years of experience


May 07 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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