We are delighted to announce the results of the ecological diversity simulation competition. We’ve witnessed an extraordinary display of thoughtfulness, creativity, and dedication from all of you who joined us, which made the decision extremely challenging. We want to thank iSee Systems too for their gracious provision of software (iSee Stella Architect) for each of you during this time. Denver brought a depth of thinking into play by effectively considering the differences in male and female populations in his model. Matthew’s investigation into the predator-prey dynamics was refreshing and intriguing, with a notable focus on broader competition for resources. Tesfaye’s meticulous validation and calibration techniques and his innovative approach of visualizing population impacts of culling demonstrated a commendable level of sophistication. Lastly, Alaize’s model captivated us by cleverly incorporating multiple variables, including considerations of vegetation, water, and additional prey into the ecosystem dynamics. We extend our heartiest congratulations to our winner, Tesfaye, for his exemplary performance, and to our runner-up, Alaize, for her exceptional efforts. Congratulations also go to Denver and Matthew for their excellent contributions. We would like to thank each one of you for the time, effort, and insights you shared during this competition. Your work not only demonstrates your deep understanding of system dynamics but also your dedication to exploring this fascinating field further.

Corne Du Plooy
Author: Corne Du Plooy

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