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2023 Winners of the 6th Annual System Dynamics Competition

Stream 1 Winner: Alaize won the sustainable fishing industry competition by demonstrating a strong grasp of system dynamics. She successfully identified an operational threshold for ship selling, displayed mastery in equations and models, and utilized sensitivity analysis effectively.

Critical Thinker: She exhibited a deep understanding of the modelling process, with the ability to hypothesize, test, and iterate both mental and simulation models, showcasing a thoughtful approach to system dynamics.

Model Limitation Awareness: Alaize was recognized for her awareness of the limitations inherent in models, embodying the sentiment of George Box’s quote on models’ fallibility and utility.

Stream 2 Runner-Up: In the ecological diversity simulation, she captivated the judges with a model that incorporated multiple variables, including vegetation, water, and additional prey, demonstrating her ability to handle complex ecosystem dynamics.

Stream 2 Winner: Tesfaye’s standout performance in the ecological diversity simulation competition earned him first place. His model was noted for its meticulous validation and calibration techniques.

Innovative Modelling: He demonstrated innovative thinking by visualizing the population impacts of culling, which added a layer of sophistication to his approach in system dynamics.

Advanced Techniques: Tesfaye was commended for employing advanced modelling techniques that many participants had not encountered, such as optimization methods.

Stream 3 Recognition: Although he didn’t win the third stream, Tesfaye was acknowledged for a detailed and unconventional model, which showcased his continued excellence and exploration in the field of system dynamics.

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In-depth Analysis: Denver was recognized for bringing a significant depth of thought to the competition, particularly in Stream 2, where he considered gender differences in population models.

Stream 3 Winner: He won the final stream of the competition, praised for his ability to connect model structure to practical application and for his clear understanding demonstrated through sensitivity graphs.

Holistic Approach: Across the streams, Denver’s work was characterized by its relevance, depth, and clarity, showing a strong grasp of real-world implications in his modelling.

Consistent Contributor: Denver was consistently mentioned across the streams for his high-quality contributions and was one of the standout participants in the competition.


•Growth: Alaize demonstrated remarkable growth throughout the competition, evolving from constructing foundational models in Stream 1 to integrating complex variables into ecological dynamics by Stream 2, showcasing a trajectory of continuous learning and skill enhancement.

•Motivation: Her consistent participation and success across multiple streams highlight an intrinsic motivation and a passion for the field. She not only won the first stream but also was a runner-up in the second, reflecting a sustained drive to engage with and master system dynamics.

•Effort and Innovation: Alaize’s work was characterized by thorough effort and innovative modeling. She effectively applied sensitivity analysis, incorporated a variety of ecological factors in her models, and exhibited a clear understanding of system dynamics principles, setting a benchmark for creativity and sophistication in the competition.


Matthew’s Insightful Analysis: Matthew was recognized for his refreshing and intriguing investigation into predator-prey dynamics, with a focus on the broader competition for resources in Stream 2.

Ahmed’s Participation: Ahmed Amin was acknowledged for his participation and insights during the streams, contributing valuable perspectives to the competition.

Celebrating Engagement: Both Matthew and Ahmed are celebrated for their engagement and dedication to learning in the field of system dynamics, earning them silver certificates for participation.

Commendable Efforts: Their efforts contributed to the overall success of the competition, demonstrating commitment and a passion for applying system dynamics to complex problems.

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